Afraid of the writing services with suspicious reputation?

Way before the internet became popular and e-commerce became the order of the day, the Consumer Reports Magazine played an important role of rating products against qualities like cost, reliability, quality and the extent to which manufacturers’ respected warranties. To date, this magazine relies heavily on reviews from users to meet its objective. Today, e-commerce forms a large of shopping experience for product users with thousands of review websites in existence. Consumers provide a lot of information on product or service quality on social media. Such information is useful in helping shoppers make better buying decisions.

Students as Consumers

In today’s world, students have no choice but to strife in academics in order to get academic credentials. The pressure they are subjected under to get writing assignments done makes them seek assistance from writing companies. High rated companies help alleviate the fear and stress that comes with writing essays, reviews or academic papers that students are subjected to. The challenge for students is finding such companies because presently, there is no company that is compiling consumer reviews from essay writing companies.

Why Review Writing Services

Our aim of setting up the plat is to develop and share consumer reports with students so that it is easy for them to identify the best essay writing companies available. We find this necessary because we know that students often take chances when they place writing orders with writing companies. Most writing companies take them for a ride by submitting work that is often plagiarized and does not meet professional standards. Some companies even hire staff who lack the necessary academic qualifications to handle academic work. When given work, such people just submit plagiarized work or use spinning programs and this is where we come in.

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How we conduct the Reviews

The approach we use to review writing companies is through compiling customer feedback left by their customers, who are often students. We go through that feedback and identify the qualities that students value most about companies that provide writing services. We then use those qualities to rate the essay writing companies and then rank their performance in a way that those with highest points are rated at the top while those with low points are featured at the bottom of the list. We use this website to share ranking reports and include the customer reviews provided for each writing company that is featured on the list.

Criteria for Ranking

We use a list of qualities that are critical for students to rank writing companies including:

  1. Affordability of writing service

  2. A company’s ability to generate quality end products that students can use without revising

  3. Ability to submit work in a timely manner

  4. Availability of customer service

More Resources

Students can find more resources in the form of video clips showing different writing companies’ service processes and links to their websites below.